30 Sugar Free Days Challenge

All You Need is 30 Days

Take the next 30 days to give sugar the kick it needs.

Thirty days is the perfect number for you make the changes you have been wanting to make.  Learn how remove sugar from your diet so that you can feel and look better than you have in years.

Remember, here is what you get: 

  • A Complete Guide to 30 Sugar Free Days that is available online or as a download. 
  • 28 online classes that include how to eat, how to exercise, and frequently asked questions.
  • Meal plans and recipes.
  • Suggested supplements to help with cravings.

This program will help you succeed at kicking sugar out of your life!

Before Starting
Welcome to the 30 Sugar Free Days Challenge!
How to Use the Course
Cleaning Day
The Complete Guide
About the Complete Guide
Welcome to the Guide
Foods that Act like Sugar
What to Eat
The Low and Below Foods (EAT)
High and Medium Foods (AVOID)
Meal Planning
Diet Tips
Recipes: Breakfast
Recipes: Other Meals
During the Challenge
Withdrawal Symptoms
How to Deal With Cravings
Supplements for Cravings
Trading Stimulants
How to Snack
How to Handle those Hard Days
How to Survive a Restaurant
Maintaining Your Motivation
Listening to Your Body
Best Foods to Put on Your Plate
What to do if you Give in to Temptation
Cheating Days
Weight Loss and Exercise
How to Exercise for Weight Loss
Add Weight Lifting for Extra Weight Loss
What About Artificial Sweeteners?
What About Coffee and Alcohol?
What About Menstrual Cycles?
What About Fats and Oils?
More Frequently Asked Questions
Ending the Program
How to Return to Regular Eating
Best Way to Eat Grains
How to Create a Perfect Meal
It is Not About the Sugar
The End of the Challenge

Start Your Journey Today!