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Empower Aliveness 
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With this Online Course you get Contents to make your Process of Achieving a Goal much more with Ease, Flow & Fun ! You Receive also a 3 Months Following up (including 36 more Imagery Practices - 3 each week on different topics) & a Caring Support to make sure you stick to your Steps & Goals. You Benefit also from the Energetic Strength of many people gathering in a Platform Community that have the same Intention of Achieving Goals & Move with you all along toward that Direction ! You are not Alone anymore & Connected to a Global Higher Mind Energy Field that Moves you Faster, Easier to makes you Reach what you Want & Dream to See in You & Your Life !

Make Anything you Want & Dream Possible & in your Reach !
That means Work & Commitment but Connected 
with Really lots of Fun & Pleasures too !

A Journey of 
a Thousand Miles 
begins with a Single Step 
Lao Tzu :: Tao Te Ching 

15mn ... a Day 

is a Tool, Structure & Method

to make 


Practice, Integration

& Achieving a Goal,

a Process with much more

Ease, Fun & Joy.


Can you relate to this ? 

I have an Inspiration & 
I don't know how to start !

I have a Project & don't know
how to move forward with it !

I have the Passion to start, 
but after a while have no juice 
to continue & I Give up !

I would like to learn this,
but have no time available !

I don't have the time & money 
to make my dreams become True & a Reality !

I am not Creative !
I don't have Talents !

Each years, I am so disappointed
to see, that I have postponed
doing this again !


With All my Sparkly Creative Love 
& the Online Courses Contents
that I am offering,
you will not only
learn things about
Painting, Drawing,
Meditation, Self-Knowledge,
but also Trust, Confidence, Self-Care
& Nurturing your Life. 

You will learn as well
 Techniques & Mindsets, 
that will serve you as 
Recreation from your 
daily duties, 
as much as Creative 
Little Steps that built 
on each other, each week, 
to make you achieve bigger 
projects, dreams & skills 
in just 15mn a day, 
and that you can also apply in 
so many different fields of 
your Life ... that it will 
Blow your Mind ! 


With this Online Courses you 
will acquire the Mindsets & 
Qualities you need to 
Be Successful in your 
Creativity, Projects 
& Realisations. 

in Living 
your Life more 
Empower & Creative 
with Ease, Fun & Joy 


91 h 30 / a year 
(means 2 weeks or so of more than 8h/day) 
is what 15 mn a day  lead you, to an Awesome 
 Sure & Steady Journey of Achieving
Dreams & Goals 
 in just 15 mn 


15 mn a Day 
it is Possible & Reachable 
for Everybody


Table of Contents

Start, Move & Enjoy the Journey
Create Steps
Find your own Mantra
Creating your Road Map
the Precious Art of Celebration
Bring Clarity
Be Empower
Have Fun Joy Ease
Achieve what you want
After 1, 3 or 6 Months
Where are you Now
Long term Goal
How to Stay Motivated
Is your Goals Being Achieved ?
Acknowledge & Celebrate your Victories

Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE Read FAQ, Before Enrollment ! Thank YOU :-)))

Thank YOU :-)))

REFUND :: Is there a Possibility to be refunded once I enroll ?

Please, Dear Take Note that once you enroll, there are NO REFUND possibilities.

There are Free Taster Lessons & it gives you a taste of what I am offering.

ACCESS :: How long do I have access to the course?

It's a LifeTime Access ! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you want.

It will be always a brand New Process for you, even you do it 10 times, it has been specially designed for this purpose !

COMMUNITY & SUPPORT :: Is each online courses do provide, a support & a community space ?

Yes. Each online courses are designed to provide you, weekly & monthly community space, where you can ask any questions & where we can meet online through Q&A &/or live video calls if people ask for it.

This are sections where you can get lots of support in your Process, so take advantage of those opportunities, to feel supported by me, my team & other participants as well. Let's Pump up & Lift up each of us, to make it more Fun, Flowing & Easy ... Move as an All & not Feel Alone !

DOWNLOAD :: Is it Possible to download the contents of this course ?

Yes, that's the Super Good News, you can download, All the contents, of this online course ! There is a Video, a PDF & a Printable versions of it for each Section of the Course.

COPYRIGHT :: Can I share this contents with people ?

I appreciate that you feel enthusiasm to share your joy & what's uplift you ... Thank You to only share the link to buy those contents.

It's a Full-Time work & I invest a lot of time & money in trainings, materials & services to share & provide a quality contents with you !

As I am a Freelance Artist & take risks, I have just like you to pay everything, for my living & also continue creating contents for you.

Contents are copyrighted & I make it consciously, at an affordable price, for EveryOne being able to buy it & Enjoy it !

Thank You, to buy this online course, I so much appreciate, your support & contribution, that allows me, to do the same toward you, providing you creativity, support & contribution !

QUESTIONS :: I still have a question, how can I contact you ?

I am happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

AFFILIATES :: How to become an affiliate & earn money ?

You can become an affiliate & earn money selling my online courses. It can be from 5% to 20% depending on the course & how many people buy the courses with your affiliate links. :: Interested in the affiliate's program, e-mail me at : :: Shakti Urmila

Buy & Enjoy Now !
Empower Aliveness 
100% Guarantee

One-Time Payment

CHF144 once

Payment Plan

2 payments of CHF77.70/month