Posted on July 2nd, 2013 by Sara Funduk - 2 comments

Update: Now that we've changed the way the lesson editor works, in order to use an embed code, you'll need to add a 'markdown' block and paste it in there.

Did you know that you can embed almost anything in your CourseCraft lessons? Well the Markdown editor we use allows incredible flexibility that you won't find anywhere else. Basically, if it has an embed code you can probably add it to your lesson. Adding different kinds of media to your course will provide a better experience for your participants and keep them engaged.

Example: Wufoo Form

Wufoo is so customizable, fun and easy to use. You can give a little quiz to your participants to see if they're paying attention or even get some feedback on your course. There are so many fields you can add to your forms, the possibilities are endless.

Just paste the embed code right into the lesson editor. Total gibberish, right?

Hit 'preview' and take a look at what your participants will see.

Need more ideas? Here ya go:

There are so many ways to use embed codes to give your e-course a boost. What embed code are you most excited to add to your course?

Note: We can't possibly test how every single embed code works in CourseCraft. While you most likely won't have any problems, let us know if you find that one behaves strangely.

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