Posted on June 13, 2016 by Sara Funduk - 4 comments

Just a quick update today to tell you about a couple new improvements we've made to CourseCraft recently!

ConvertKit and Constant Contact Mailing List Integration

When we first added the mailing list integration feature we asked you to tell us if there were any more email providers you wanted to see. Well a couple helpful CourseCrafters emailed us and said we definitely needed to add ConvertKit and Constant Contact. So here they are! Connect your account on the 'settings' page under 'mailing lists'.

Pagination for the Participant List

I love when we need to do things like this! Some of you have so many people enrolled in your courses that it was making the 'stats' page hard to load. We've now added pagination to the participant list so that page should load much faster now.

New Landing Page Layout

This is a bit of minor change, but we like to keep CourseCraft looking fresh. Check out your course's landing page to see the new and improved header! We hope you like it.

Fixed Potential Issue with Promo Codes

Up until recently, if you had a promo code with special characters or spaces you could have run into some problems. For example, you might have had trouble including a promo code with your course URL. So we decided to just eat any weird characters that could potentially cause you issues down the road. All your old promo codes still work (even if they have this issue) but keep that in mind when you're making new ones.

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