Posted on February 3, 2016 by Sara Funduk - 2 comments

In the past, if you wanted to promote another product with your e-course (like an e-book or consulting hours) there wasn't a smooth way to do that. You could talk about your other products within your course or set up a mailing list integration and send a promotional email later. But neither of those options allow you to up-sell your other products during the enrollment process.

Now with our new feature "Add-ons" you can up-sell almost anything you want with your e-course and have it all take place in one transaction.

Offering an Add-On

The 'Add-ons' tab can be found in the left side bar of the page while you're editing your course. If you have a product you'd like to sell alongside your e-course, this is the perfect way to do it! You have the option to add a downloadable add-on (like an e-book, videos, or worksheets) or a custom add-on. A custom add-on is just anything that can't be downloaded as a file immediately, for example consulting hours, access to a secret forum, or something that comes via snail mail.

When someone clicks the enroll button on your landing page, they will be given the option to purchase your add-ons. The e-course and any add-ons chosen will be paid for all at once.

You can start offering your add-ons today! For detailed instructions on using add-ons be sure to visit the help doc.

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