Posted on July 31st, 2015 by Sara Funduk - 1 comment

Hey everyone! I've got a new feature to tell you about today. Earlier this week we introduced lesson groups, so now you can arrange your lessons into smaller groups. That can be really helpful for organizing a large course. Lessons groups do just what the title suggests, allows you to put your lessons into different groups or sub-headings.

Here's a little example of what your lesson list could look like:

Sound good? If you're just starting out, this is what you'll see when you click the 'new lesson' button for the first time:

You'll be prompted to name your lesson and create a group for it. Making more lessons is more of the same. Create a lesson and either make a new group or put it in an existing group. You can also create an empty group and drag lessons into it. If you already have a course with lessons, that's how you'll start. The bar at the bottom of your lesson list looks a little different now, so just choose 'create an empty group' and start dragging and dropping.

Of course, if you liked things the way they were before you don't have to divide your lessons into groups at all! Just leave all your lessons in the default group called 'lessons' and ignore the feature entirely.

But we really hope you like this new feature. It might be one of the most requested additions to CourseCraft so we're very happy it's now a reality. If you want more details on how everything works, be sure to check out the help doc.

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