Posted on September 29, 2014 by Sara Funduk - 18 comments

Update: Submissions are now closed for this feature.

We have some really exciting plans in the works! We'd love to feature your course to help you gain exposure that will hopefully result in more sales and attention for you. We're planning out a brand new "Featured Courses" page and we're looking for submissions.

Don't worry if you've never made a sale! Interesting and great quality courses is what we're looking for. We also want a range of subjects and prices. We'll keep submissions open for the next several weeks, get crackin' if you haven't finished your course yet!

Featured Course Criteria

Here are the criteria we're taking into account when looking for featured courses.

  • a variety of prices, yes even free courses are welcome!
  • a cover photo that suits your course and is eye-catching
  • if you use custom branding (not required) your logo is properly sized and you have a nice combination of colours
  • a variety of subjects are encouraged
  • your course description accurately describes your course and entices people to sign up
  • you have a variety of media in your course (photos, videos, downloadable files)*
  • high quality photos and videos

*not all types of media are required, we're just looking for courses that aren't all text

Submission Rules

Now for the rules. The following rules must be followed for your course to qualify.

  1. Your course must be made with CourseCraft (duh I know, but it had to be said!)
  2. You must have an avatar
  3. Your course must have a cover photo
  4. Your course must be open for enrollment and be available indefinitely. This means it can not have a 'start date' or an 'end date'.
  5. You and your course must comply with CourseCraft's terms and conditions.
  6. Your course must be public. (ie: not secret)

Sound good? We'd love to hear from you and we're very excited to see what you have to offer! Fill out the form below to submit your course. Feel free to submit the form more than once, but don't just submit all your courses - choose the best!