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I'm speaking mostly to the creative types here just because I know that they usually have a lot to offer and most don't realize how valuable their skills are. The sewing, photo editing, painting or decorating abilities that you take for granted are things that people want to learn. However, these reasons can be applied to anyone's situation. Whether you want to teach people how to be happy and positive or teach people how to fix their cars, there is an audience waiting for you.


Monetize Your Skills

As a creative person you know how much trial and error it takes to develop your craft. Whether you're self-taught or you went to school, it can take an incredible amount of time to hone your skills. You could be making money from your craft already, but another way to monetize your skills is to teach an e-course. All the tricks of the trade that you've learned over time will be invaluable to your course participants.

Connect With Your Readers

Interacting with followers on your blog and social media is a great way to update your fans on what you've been working on and give them some insight into your process. People love a peek behind the scenes. But if you really want to connect on a personal level with your followers, you need to teach them something. During an e-course they will not only get to know you better, you'll get to know them. Going through the learning experience of an e-course can turn a casual reader into a fan for life.

Reach (ie: The Internet is Big)

Teaching an e-course will allow you to reach so many more people than teaching a course in a physical location. You're not limited by the population of the city you live in or the convenience of the course time. There's no concern for geography or time zones and will literally open your course up to the world. It's like the difference between saying something quietly to yourself and getting on a mega-phone in a crowd of people.

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