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I hear this from so many people: "I'd love to make an e-course but I'm just not sure what to teach!" Coming up with course content isn't as hard as you might think. If you don't feel ready to teach an in-depth course in your field, try starting off with something for the absolute beginner.

A beginner's guide is something almost anyone can teach and also attracts a wide range of people. A '101' type course is easier to market than a niche course since it appeals to a large group of people. It will also get you pumped for your next course and students from your beginner's class will want to join you for the next part.

I've made a list of a few ideas for a beginner's course that goes beyond just photography/sewing/guitar/drawing/yoga/bike repair/etc. for the beginner. Although, all of those are good ideas too! If you're at a loss, just take what you like to do and start teaching the basics.

  1. Starting a blog from scratch
  2. Social media 101
  3. Opening your first Etsy shop
  4. Projects for your first home/apartment
  5. How to land your first client
  6. How to get your products in stores
  7. Easy weeknight meals
  8. Crafting with kids
  9. Creative writing exercises
  10. Illustrator and Photoshop for bloggers
  11. Mood boards for creative inspiration
  12. Everyday makeup and hair ideas
  13. Starting a mailing list
  14. iPhone photography

Teaching a beginner's course can get you excited about online classes and will give you good practice for more complex and in-depth topics. So if you're unsure about what to teach, get back to basics!

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