Posted on February 24, 2014 by Sara Funduk - 1 comment

You may have already noticed, but there are some pretty cool things happening on the Stats page now! Just go to one of your course, click 'stats' in the sidebar and get ready to be amazed. Ok so maybe you don't get that excited over graphs, but we think some of the new additions are pretty useful.

The first thing you'll notice is the 3 big numbers at the top of the page. Visits refers to the number of visits your splash page has received in the time specified. The splash page is where participants sign up for your course. It's the URL that you've been giving everyone to direct them to your course. Enrollments obviously means how many people have enrolled in your course in the time specified. Lastly, Sales is your total sales for that period before fees. Pretty simple right?

The graphs allow you to see trends in your Enrollments, Sales and Participant Activity. The Lesson Stats below the graphs are a fun way to track your participant's progress through the course. You'll be able to see if interest drops off after a certain lesson or which lessons produce the best discussions.

Your list of participants stays pretty much the same except for one very exciting addition: An export button!! Now you can export your list of participants as a .CSV file making things like mailings way easier.

We hope you really like the new Stats page and get a lot of useful information out of it. One thing to keep in mind is that the 'views' on the splash page and lessons only started counting when we added the feature last weekend. So while all the other numbers like enrollments and comments have been backfilled, views only recently started counting.

Stay tuned to the blog because I'll be back soon with some tips of how to interpret these numbers and improve your course using the insights from the Stats page.

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