Posted on January 23rd, 2014 by Sara Funduk - 0 comments

We just added a little option to CourseCraft that you probably didn't even notice, but I guarantee you'll find useful! Remember in December when I told you about Scheduled Lessons? We added some brand new options that let you either manually publish a lesson, set a specific publish date or publish a lesson a period of time after enrollment. Now there's one more option: Free Sample Lesson!

When you set a lesson to a Free Sample, that lesson will be available immediately to anyone who visits your course enrollment page. After people read your compelling course description, if they're still wanting more, a free lesson can give them a taste of what your course is all about. You'll see a button in the left sidebar with a link to your sample lesson. And yes, you can make more than one free sample lesson.

We think this can be a great selling tool for you, so use it wisely! A sample of your writing and style could help convince people who are on the fence to dive into your e-course.

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