Posted on December 23, 2013 by Sara Funduk - 0 comments

Our brand new Collaborators feature allows you to add friends and colleagues to help you with your course. You can do anything from working with a partner, to recruiting different people to write each lesson.

Collaborating with friends can help you with your e-course in many ways. If you've been dreaming of creating an e-course but weren't sure you have enough traffic to promote it, get together with 2 friends and suddenly you have 3 times the number of followers checking out your course! Collaborating can also help keep your content fresh. Ask a friend to write a guest post in their area of expertise.

Here are the basic steps to add a collaborator:

  1. Type your friend's email address into the email field. Your friend must have a CourseCraft account before you can add them. So make sure you tell them to sign up!

  2. Once your first collaborator is added, you'll see them in the list with the status of 'pending'.

  3. You collaborator will receive an email letting them know you want to work with them. It will direct them to their dashboard where they will see your course listed. They may accept or reject the invitation.

  4. Once the invitation is accepted, you're collaborators! You'll both have equal access to the course with 2 exceptions; collaborators will only be able to view promo codes and not edit them, and collaborators can't add other collaborators.

On your dashboard, you'll be able to see who is collaborating with you. Your collaborator's avatars will be visible under the course they're working on.

We hope you get a lot of use out of the new Collaborators feature. Have fun working with your friends to create an amazing e-course!

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