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Update Feb 10, 2015: We've renamed 'private' courses to 'secret' courses. So anytime there is a mention here about private courses, we're really talking about secret courses!

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Today I'm really excited to tell you about a feature that's been in the works for a while here. We have added the ability to make your courses private! What does this mean exactly? Let me tell you about it using an example.

Wendy is a woodworker and she makes adorable little wooden toys. Her toys are sold in an online shop and Wendy has decided that she wants to sell DIY kits too. Then her customers can learn to make their own wooden toys. She plans on teaching her woodworking techniques using an e-course so she needs a way to bundle her DIY kits and her e-course. Offering her course for free would solve that problem but it also means that anyone would be able to access to her course without buying a kit and they really are meant to be purchased together. Luckily for Wendy, we now offer a private course option. A private course allows Wendy to restrict access to her course to people who have been given a special access code.

When her course is set to private, she buys 'seats' in her course for as many people as she needs. So before she mails out a shipment of DIY kits, a little card with her course's URL and access code is tucked into each package and a seat is reserved for that person. When the customer receives the package with the access code, all the they need to do next is enter the code to join Wendy's e-course.

You don't have to be Wendy the woodworker to use private courses! We think this feature is great for anyone who wants to sell their e-course as a companion product to something else. So whether you sell coaching sessions, craft supplies, books, jewelry, clothing or anything else, a private course could be a great promotional tool for you.

We really hope you like the new private course feature. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions just let us know! If you want more details on private courses, you should definitely read the help page.

Update: Now when you make a private course, you'll get 5 free seats to start off with. You could use them for friends, beta testers or just to try it out!

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