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1. Crowd Sourcing

Get on-the-go advice from your readers by letting them in on the writing process. While you're still in the planning stages of your course, let your followers know what you're up to and ask for advice. You may surprised to hear some pretty specific questions and requests that you might not think of. The best part is, you'll be creating a course tailored to your biggest fans.

2. Loyalty Discounts

Like an e-course frequent flyer program, offer discount codes to people who are already your customers. Once someone has purchased enrollment in your course, you have their attention so take advantage of it! Send a quick and friendly email offering a promo code to one of your other e-courses. Go to your course's stats page to find the list of all your participants and their email addresses. My advice is; use it but don't abuse it! These people signed up for your course, not a daily spam email.

3. Brand Ambassadors

Charissa of The Smashbook has gathered a small army of brand ambassadors to help promote her courses. It such a fantastic idea, I just had to share it with you!

Each ambassador gets perks like free enrollment, prizes and a $10 commission on each referral. I use the CourseCraft promo codes to track this. The code is specific to the ambassador and offers the customer/referral a 10% discount on the course. For ambassadors, there are weekly promotions (last week's was $150 cash in addition to commission) and also quarterly prizes for the top referrer. I also will be offering iTunes, Apple, Amazon and Starbucks gift cards as prizes. Because CourseCraft deposits right into PayPal, my ambassadors are paid via PayPal at the end of the month. It is so easy, and my course is being seen by a lot more people.

4. Giveaways

Generate some hype about your course by giving away a seat. Contact bloggers you love and ask if they'd be willing to host a giveaway on their blog. Then raffle off a spot or two in your e-course. Hopefully the people who don't win will want to get involved anyways. Worst case scenario, you've got one more eager student in your course! Not all bloggers are into giveaways so be prepared for some no's. Also, check their sponsor page first. Some bloggers have specific rules about the value of a giveaway item.

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