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If you've been a CourseCraft user since the beginning you'll know that we are constantly making little improvements to the app. Sometimes they're things you can't really see like fixing bugs in the video player and sometimes they're very visible like the recent re-branding. I thought I would do a little round-up post of all (most) of the changes we've made to CourseCraft over the past few months. Maybe you'll see something you didn't notice before!

Code Syntax Highlighting

If you're teaching something technical, you'll probably need to include some code snippets in your lessons. We added Syntax Highlighting to make it easy to show code examples to your students. Click the 'editor help' button in the top right corner of the editor for more info on this.


Widgets make it easy to sell your e-course on your blog or website. In just a few seconds, you can make a professional and polished looking button to help promote your course. If you have Custom Branding enabled (more on that later), the widget will use your custom colours.

Video Player

The video player was causing some problems before, but we have done a ton of behind-the-scenes work to improve it. After many sleepless nights worrying about your videos, it seems most of the issues have been ironed out. (Tip: If you're still having problems with a video, try uploading it again. We might have made a fix after you added your video. If you still have problems after that, contact us and we'll see what's up.)

Custom Branding

This had to be our most requested feature, and it turned out to be one of our favourites thanks to your input! Custom Branding lets you replace the CourseCraft logo with your own and change the colours of buttons and links. If you're interested, you can find more info here.

Public Profiles

Your Profile page now acts a bit like a shop for your e-courses. Direct people to your profile page and they can see all the courses you have to offer, find links to your social media pages, see your beautiful face and read your bio. This works great for people who have multiple courses running at once. Think of it as your personal e-course store!


A few weeks ago we did a pretty major re-branding of the entire site including cute new buttons, a fresh colour scheme and a pretty snazzy new logo. This change probably took the longest because it was a really important to us to have a modern, clean look but not overshadow or clash with your courses. After all, the main attraction on CourseCraft is your content so the branding was always secondary to that.

File Download Buttons

This change might seem insignificant to you, but to us it represents the bigger theme of CourseCraft. It should be easy to make your course look good! All you have to do is add a downloadable file to your course (like a PDF or a Photoshop document) and instantly you have a perfect little download button. Ok, so it still seems insignificant? :) Maybe we get a little too excited over buttons.

Course Editor

And here is our most recent change! You probably noticed this morning that things were a bit different. That's because we did some rearranging. You'll now find everything that has to do with editing your course under the 'edit' button on the dashboard. That includes widgets, promo codes, lessons, etc. We think this keeps the dashboard cleaner and puts all the tools you need in easy reach.

We just wanted to send a big thank-you out to all our amazing CourseCraft users! You guys are so creative and amazing and definitely keep us on our toes. A lot of the improvements and changes we make to the site is because you have reached out to tell us what you want. So thanks for helping us make CourseCraft great!

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