Posted on April 30, 2017 by Sara Funduk - 0 comments

Yes, another blog post! We've been busy lately and we have another fairly big change to tell you about. It's pretty exciting and involves a feature that has been requested over and over by you guys. Today we're beginning to offer a no-fees pricing option! NO FEES! Starting now, we'll be offering subscription pricing with an option for zero transaction fees.

If you're a fan of our current pricing or you just don't like change - we get it! That's why, in the interest of being transparent, we're laying out the reasoning behind this change.

  1. Our old pricing was confusing. Pro upgrades? One time fee? Per course? Everyday we receive many questions asking us to clarify our pricing. It didn't make much sense. The pricing structure was also very different from everyone else in the industry. Which leads me to...

  2. It's now easier to compare us to other e-course platforms. Since our pricing was so different from everyone else in the industry, it was like comparing apples to oranges when shopping around. Now you can easily stack us up against any other e-course platform.

  3. Lastly, many people have requested zero transaction fees. Pay-as-you-go is awesome when you're first starting out because you don't have to pay anything up front. But once you get going with your e-courses, you'll probably want to ditch the transaction fee. Do the math and you'll most likely find that it will save you some money!

So here are our pricing plans! There is still a pay-as-you-go option so, as always, you can get started with no up-front costs or just continue to pay transaction fees if you prefer.

Subscribe in your profile settings.

What happened to the Pro upgrade?

If you upgraded your course to Pro before the new pricing changes everything about that course will continue working as before. You'll still have access to all the features you paid for including the customized URL, ability to bundle, custom branding and forms. Add-ons and collaborators are not technically Pro features, but any that you have created will still work. You can keep running your Pro courses as normal without subscribing.

If you'd like to make a new course that uses a feature in one of the new pricing tiers, you'll need to subscribe.

One More Thing

Have you ever thought, "You know what would be great? If my audience could promote my course for me!"? Well, of course it's as simple as them sharing the link... but what if you want to reward them for their help?

What you need is an affiliate program - and we're sneaking it into today's update! It's part of our 'Society' plan, and all the details are available in our help docs.

We hope you like the new changes! As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Posted on April 11, 2017 by Ryan Funduk - 2 comments

We're very excited to share a whole bunch of cool changes to CourseCraft that you are going to love. There's so much to talk about so let's just dive in.

Landing Page Redesign

There are quite a few things in the app that got redesigned (new font, new buttons) but the main thing I want to show you is the brand new landing page for your courses! The landing page is where you direct people to sign up for your course and explain why they should purchase so it needs to be good. We think the new design is really beautiful. It's going to make it really easy for you create a gorgeous landing page that is unique and customized to your course.

If you currently have a course, then there are a few things you'll want to do to update your landing page and take full advantage of the new elements.

1. Add a hero image. This is a big, full-width image for the top of the page. The title of your course, your name and the enroll button will go over it. You'll also be able to choose the colour of the overlay (light or dark) and the strength of it. (Psst! Do you know about Unsplash? Perfect for big, beautiful hero images. And it's free!)

2. Put your headings in Header Blocks. Just like adding an image or video to your page, you can now add special Header sections. They're styled really nicely with your primary custom branding colour.

3. Make use of the newly designed sections. We've also redesigned the enroll button, table of contents, FAQ, and testimonials blocks. Be sure you're making use of those because it's a really easy way to add some style to your page.

Profile Redesign

Your profile page also got a huge makeover! The courses listed on your profile are now full-width and feature a new short description. We've also added space for a longer 'About Me' section. Here a few things you can do now to update your profile page:

1. Upload a nice big profile picture. Your current avatar should look fine. But if it's looking a little fuzzy, just make sure you upload an image that is at least 600px wide.

2. Add your About Me Section. Head over to your profile settings and update your Profile Heading and About You sections.

3. Add a short description to your courses. On your dashboard, click the edit button and add a new short description on the 'Title & Details' page.

Lesson Progression

We've added a simple lesson progress tracking feature for participants. It'll be pretty handy for your participants to remember how far they've gotten through the course, and it's a nice vanity stat for creators too!

Social Login

To make the login and signup process simpler, we now support (for a start) login with Twitter. A password can be set in the profile settings if desired later. We also have plans to support other providers such as Facebook and Google accounts.

While we were in there adding this to the participant enrollment flow we made some other improvements, too, which should help conversion rates and generally look better 👏


Course creators can now do refunds from inside CourseCraft. You'll find a 'refund' button next to participants in your participant list (FYI - for PayPal transactions you'll have to visit your 'payments' configuration in your profile and set things up).

When you do a refund you'll get back the CourseCraft transaction fees and the payment provider fees (Note: depends on your terms of service with your payment provider.) and their access to the course will be revoked automatically.

We hope you have fun checking out all the new things on CourseCraft. Happy CourseCrafting! And as always, contact us if you have any questions or comments.