Posted on January 23rd, 2017 by Ryan Funduk - 0 comments

We've been busy since the holidays! We made a bunch of little improvements over the whole application, and one pretty big one!

First off, you'll notice that the left sidebar for your courses has changed a bit. We organized it into logical 'steps':


We think this new organization will help newbies understand what to do next as well as give more direct navigation options to experienced course creators. Along with this new organization comes a few new features and updates:

  • there is now a course-specific activity feed
  • the participant list page has been separated out from stats (less scrolling!)
  • the dashboard has these steps instead of just edit/visit
  • there is a new comments management page (with unread indicators!)

We think this change makes things easier to understand as well as gives us room for future features and expansion.

The last little thing is that you can now delete your entire CourseCraft account (alarm! no going back! :)) via your profile settings.

The Big One - Goodbye 'Secret Courses'

We're splitting secret courses into 2 features to allow much greater flexibility and remove a bunch of pain and confusion points. The problem with the 'secret' feature has always been that it's super confusing. It was originally meant to be used when you were selling your course as a companion product to something else (say, a kit on Etsy). Over time it ended up being used for more and more situations we never expected.

Private Courses

Setting your course to 'private' means that the landing page won't be accessible to a participant until they enter an access code. The course will also not appear on your profile. That's it!

Private courses have a minimum price of $25 (well, 25 of whatever currency you're selling the course in :)). If you want to have a private course that is free to participants (like secret used to be), you'll now use the new pre-paid seats.

Pre-paid Seats

Pre-paid seats are basically special promo codes which let the participant enroll for free (not including addons, those are still extra). They still cost $3 CAD just like secret seats did. The difference is that you can (but don't have to) make multiple different codes instead of just having the one like before, which is something a lot of people have asked for.

100%-off Promo Codes → Pre-paid Seats

Pre-paid seats also replaces 100%-off promo codes. CourseCraft is only able to keep running by collecting transaction fees, and 100%-off promo codes were unfortunately sometimes being used to sell enrollments outside of our system, which just isn't sustainable for us. Courses start off with 5 pre-paid seats you can use in place of 100%-off promo codes for cases such as giving friends access/etc. If you want someone to review or help you with your course, check out collaborators!

What if I was using secret courses!?

Not to worry! The 2 new features can cover the same use cases as secret used to. So, if you have a secret course currently, we just automatically created a single pre-paid seat code with the original access code and however many uses you had left. Everything should be transparent from a participant perspective. For any new seat codes you should just give participants the seat code link (on the pre-paid seats page) rather than the URL and access code separately. See the docs for how seat codes work or email and we'll help you out.

If you need to add more seats, you can still do that either by adding more uses to your existing code (like you used to with secret) or start using unique codes if you prefer.

Posted on June 13th, 2016 by Sara Funduk - 4 comments

Just a quick update today to tell you about a couple new improvements we've made to CourseCraft recently!

ConvertKit and Constant Contact Mailing List Integration

When we first added the mailing list integration feature we asked you to tell us if there were any more email providers you wanted to see. Well a couple helpful CourseCrafters emailed us and said we definitely needed to add ConvertKit and Constant Contact. So here they are! Connect your account on the 'settings' page under 'mailing lists'.

Pagination for the Participant List

I love when we need to do things like this! Some of you have so many people enrolled in your courses that it was making the 'stats' page hard to load. We've now added pagination to the participant list so that page should load much faster now.

New Landing Page Layout

This is a bit of minor change, but we like to keep CourseCraft looking fresh. Check out your course's landing page to see the new and improved header! We hope you like it.

Fixed Potential Issue with Promo Codes

Up until recently, if you had a promo code with special characters or spaces you could have run into some problems. For example, you might have had trouble including a promo code with your course URL. So we decided to just eat any weird characters that could potentially cause you issues down the road. All your old promo codes still work (even if they have this issue) but keep that in mind when you're making new ones.