Bundle of Self-LoOove

Dear One Welcome,
Man or Woman or Gender Free or Stars Seed 
(or whatever you identify as ...)

This Bundle is for YOU !
It is packing an IMAGERY Course call
Perfect Body Shape & Weight :: Health IMAGERY Upgrade
& an Online Course & Program call
15mn ... a Day to Achieve your Goals !

This Bundle is available for purchase at
the Lovely Discounted Price of 5% off 
from the Original Price for each Course !

Take this Bundle & Prepare your Body 
in 3 months for a Better Health & Well-Being.
Get a Special 3 months follow up to Receive
Support, Motivation, Inspirations & a Community Platform Access.
Let this Summer welcome you in a New Body & Vitality !

For more Informations & Details
go on the Landing page of each Courses.

For a Limited Time
this Self-LoOove & Self Care Bundle Courses is Being

Offered at a Discounted Price (more than 25% off)
Offer Valid from the
1st of March to 3rd March 2019

(GMT/UTC +1)