The Narrative Way

A Powerful Way to Heal Your Pet Loss Grief

Death-grief is a brutal thing to endure.

Pet loss grief is just as tough.

In fact, from my experience, it can sometimes be even more devastating.

And dozens of research papers support this claim.

The love you share with a companion animal is...


It truly is a scenario of...

"Till death do us part."

With a pet, there's no...

  • Betrayal
  • Abandonment
  • Trust issues
  • Emotional abuse
  • Resentment

No trauma. No scars.

No subconscious imprinting that f@#$& you up for a lifetime.

Instead, the love you share with your companion animal is...


It's beautiful...

It's magical.

And when he or she says "goodbye"...

It can tear us to shreds.

Yet, when our companion animal passes, most of the societal support mechanisms we're accustomed to with human death-grief are strikingly absent.

Instead, for example, if we were to dare ask for bereavement time from our employer, we'd inevitably be painted as...

  • Overly sentimental
  • Lacking maturity
  • Emotionally weak

Nonetheless, hundreds of studies find that such social support is crucial for all grief recovery.

Including that of pet loss grief.

So, not only are we robbed of valuable support systems in the wake of our loss...

We're at the same time shamed for our reaction to that loss, perpetuating our distress.

This further complicates our recovery by making it more lengthy and complex.

But it needn't be this way...

A DIY Healing Solution

Hi. My name's Nelson Pahl.

I'm a long-time pet guardian, as well as a devout animal lover.

I also help people just like you heal their pet loss grief.

Permanently. Quickly.

I do so by way of a unique, narrative approach.

One that's equally gentle and potent.

And one that's seemingly custom-built for grief itself.

The means...

As a narrative counselor, I help pet lovers heal their broken hearts via four avenues:

  1. In-office visits (KC metro)
  2. House calls (select KC neighborhoods)
  3. Virtual sessions (anyone wordwide)
  4. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tools

It's #4 we'll focus on here.

For this particular avenue, I've authored a powerful DIY healing suite...

One that allows you to heal...

  • In the comfort of your own home...
  • At your own pace...
  • Without the pressure of therapy...
  • And without spending thousands of dollars.

Introducing: The Narrative Way

There's nothing else like it. Anywhere.

Imagine for a Moment...

  • Feeling no shame
  • No guilt
  • No void
  • Finding real contentment & peace
  • Real closure
  • And honoring your beloved companion animal all the while

Imagine also...

  • Getting all the benefits of first-rate therapy
  • Without the cost
  • And without a single office visit or Skype session

The Narrative Way healing suite helps you accomplish all this.

Quickly. Gently. Permanently. Inexpensively. And privately.

How so?

Through a "bundle" of eight easy-to-use, interactive healing courses.

The benefits to you?

Let's take a look at the enchanting journey you'll take...

  1. You'll reconstruct the very meaning of your loss (Course 1)
  2. You'll properly characterize your loss and its impact on your identity (Course 2)
  3. You'll externalize any issues associated with the loss (Course 3)
  4. You'll objectively bid "farewell" to these issues (Course 4)
  5. You'll adeptly formulate the impact left behind by your loved one (Course 5)
  6. You'll uncover important and sacred points on your life path you could've only experienced through this wonderful relationship (Course 6)
  7. Through "imprinting," you'll discover a beautiful, but perhaps hidden, living memorial of your companion animal (Course 7)
  8. And you'll move beyond the constraints of public speech to astutely clarify the way you feel about your loss through symbolism. (Course 8)

This all equates to dramatic healing!

The Value

The Narrative Way is a tremendous value:

  • 8 healing courses...
  • For the price of three...
  • A savings of $500 to you!

Not to mention...

  • You'd have to attend 14 in-office sessions to achieve this same breadth of therapy.
  • That's a total of $2800 in office visits!

And yet...

You get The Narrative Way for just $397.

Again, simply put: there's nothing else like The Narrative Way.

Powerful Pet Loss Grief Healing
At a $500 savings!

In Conclusion

You should never feel shame in grieving a companion animal.

There's merely shame in not addressing that pain as legitimate grief.

Failing to do so only dishonors your beloved companion animal.

  • A beautiful healing experience. Highly recommended.

    — Shellie Rae, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Very unique approach. Was surprised at its effectiveness. Definitely worth the investment and time.

    — Maria Murphy, Kansas City, Missouri
  • So much more than I could have hoped. A great way to heal the grief with lasting results. Thank you!

    — Heidi Finstad, Princeton, MN

Get started healing today...

  • Resolve the shame, guilt, and/or regret
  • Alleviate the "void," once and for all
  • Wash away the heartache
  • Find real closure
  • Discover true peace and contentment

Enroll in The Narrative Way right now...

And begin healing your pet loss grief within minutes.

Powerful Pet Loss Grief Healing
At a $500 savings!

Until next time...

Nelson Pahl

Do I have to talk to a therapist?

Nope. Each of these eight courses are interactive courses. Yet, while you're guided in a therapy-type setting, you'll never have to speak with a therapist.

Do I have to be a great writer to benefit from Narrative Therapy techniques?

No. These exercises are simply about expression. It's an easy process.

Can I fully heal my pet loss grief just by using this healing suite?

Absolutely. This healing suite contains eight difference narrative counseling techniques. If you were to experience all eight in a therapeutic setting, it would span about 20 sessions. This healing suite is designed for thorough healing.

What if my companion animal died a while ago?

It doesn't matter. If you still hurt, you're probably experience complex grief. And if so, you certainly want to address it now, before it robs you of any more happiness or life force.

Powerful Pet Loss Grief Healing
At a $500 savings!