Mastery Academy Bundle

MASTERY ACADEMY PROGRAM is here to assist you in accelerating your ascension journey... With carefully designed and curated memberships and programs. You will Experience light-code activations, upgrades and quantum shifts to your highest timeline trajectory. Unlocking your multi-dimensional consciousness and embodying your truth and your divine innate gifts as you rise through your Ascension Portal.

​Here you have the opportunity to stay Activated Upgraded & Aligned with Guided Quantum Healings & Galactic Transmissions all year around by joining our ACTIVATION MEMBERSHIP.

Attend MASTERY SCHOOL PROGRAM and Learn about the Universal Laws & Teachings that will Change your life forever.

Level Up with the AWAKEN 8 Session Intensive Healing & Guiding Program.

Embody Your True Divine Self with our PRACTITIONER PROGRAM, where you become a skilled lightworker.

Which Program is right for you? You don't need to choose - ASCENSION PROGRAM is the gateway to your future self and includes it ALL!

Mastery School is a Prerequisite and is included in the Awaken and Practitioner Programs. Awaken is an Acceleration to healing and is a Prerequisite for the Practitioner Program**

Free Will & The 3 Pillars of Soveriegnty

"Free Will & The 3 Pillars of Sovereignty" Become a Powerful Self Healer and take Ownership of your life! Conscious, Self-Aware with the Mastery to Navigate your Destiny with Courage & Grace! Once we take Ownership of our life... then we really begin to LIVE!

'Free Will & The 3 Pillars of Sovereignty' Mastery School Program is designed as an intensive Program outlining Curriculum that covers all Universal Laws, Lessons, Truths, Quantum Energetics, atomic functions and Quantum Creator Source Consciousness intelligences. This has been a labor of love for me as it is the embodiment of my brainchild or soul child. 

All of my work is encoded and when I speak I create a portal of quantum learning capabilities, this is a very exciting place to be right now! 

You will have access for a full 12 months but you are able to complete it as quickly as you like. We understand that some students are more familiar with more topics than others and may already be integrating these vital Spiritual Initiations. On the other hand, some of these topics and videos may trigger you powerfully so may need more time to integrate and come back to certain lessons when you are in a more sovereign place to be learning and integrating them.

*Mastery of the Observation, Reflection & Integration (TORIA) Healing Technique 

*Build on your current skillset and modality to be a powerful way-shower

*Change and shift your reality through study and mastery of yourself

*Providing you the Ability to Heal yourself and assist others to do the same

*Owning Your Life for Freedom Manifestation & Prosperity

*These lessons lead to love, peace, acceptance & powerful healing integration

*There will be approximately 33 videos with adjoining reflection exercises to ensure full embodiment of this process so that you can go on to becoming your true divine self. IN THIS LIFETIME!

*There will be full activation of key fundamental elements integral for your souls' evolutionary existence on this planet.

Faith, Trust, Boundaries, Integrity - how they affect us and our process of evolution. Shadow Work... Yes All of it!

We will cover all levels of consciousness and the collective agendas. Electromagnetic Atomic & Particle functions of universal energetics (As channeled by me, Chanelle)

MASTERY SCHOOL may be applied to every modality that you currently hold to improve its benefits. Having deep embodiment of universal consciousness gives you access to your infinite potential on a grander more Sovereign scale. True embodiment of your christed self is our universal purpose and that is what Mastery School is all about. Preparing your for the 'All That Is' that is your unique Destiny.

These tools are vital for ascension acceleration and quantum activation of your galactic DNA strands and beyond!

You will not be alone in this process Beloved! My door is always open, and I want to support you on your journey to divine enlightenment. Either myself or one of my supporting Angels will be available on email to ensure YOU are making the most out of YOUR experience within this transformational portal.

In addition to the entire Mastery School Program, you will receive instant access to our online Ascension Portal. This Portal is designed to give you ALL the tools you need on your journey to Sovereignty. Including… 

2x Powerful Quantum Healing & Activation Audios that will help you break free from repeating behaviors and emotional power plays, aligning you with your true purpose and the life YOU have always dreamed of.

FULL ACTIVATION MEMBERSHIP containing around 26 live healing events per year.

2 x Live Q&A are run on the Zoom Meetings Portal 1st & 3rd Saturday of the Month 10am AEST via zoom for all Mastery School Students.

A replay will be posted under the Tutorial QA Module in Courscraft.

I am so looking forward to co-creating your Divine Destiny with you.

Awaken Program - Guide & Heal & Activate

AWAKEN to who you truly are! Are you ready for this 8 Session Intensive Healing Program that will Guide and Heal you to recognising your True Divinity and More!

Heal age-old wounds that affect your happiness & prosperity

Clear Blocks In Your life, spiritual, physical, emotional.

Parental, Sibling & Relationship

Clearing Chronic & Acute Pain Exploration

Working on a Soul level from the Aspect of Universal Existence

Activate Your Awareness of Your Multi-Dimensional Self

Activate Your Cosmic Galactic Potential, Starseed Origin

Activate Your Intuition & Gifts Activate Your Crystalline DNA Metrix

Delve into the infinite landscape of your souls' origin

Discover Your Purpose1 x 1 hour Channeled Healing & Coaching Session Per Week (Total 8 sessions)

Read More About Multi-Dimensional Channeled Soul Healing Sessions Here

Access to Reconnected Life Member Portal & All Online Events

Access to Healing & Clearing Audio Activation Library

Access to Full Mastery School Program (outlined above)

Email and Digital Support *Bespoke Plans available upon request please email directly 15 Min Discovery Call

Plans can look like this...

*Healing & Releasing Chronic Pain Body
*Becoming a Functional Empath and knowing how to manage and run your energy
*Awaken to your Life Purpose timeline frequency*Healing Mother Dynamic*Healing Father Dynamic
*Healing & Clearing Sexual Relationships & Karmic Cycles
*Healing & Clearing Emotional Power Plays with Family Members
*Healing Traumatic Past Life Experiences around Safety & Security*Shifting Paradigms on Self Love and Judgement
*Overall Heart Resonance acceleration and Healing for greater embodiment of Soul consciousness

The Practitioner Program

Become a Multi-Dimensional Channel and Lightworker with this 6 Month intensive course on facilitation, expansion, and ignition. Ignite your healing fire for all to see and experience. 

How are you going to change the world? 

Embrace your Starseed Mission and Become the One. The Wayshower. The Healer.

Program for Being a LightWorker & Multi-Dimensional Channel
Learn to create Quantum Portals and Healing Realms
Learn to Channel Higher Dimensional Beings
Learn to Channel & Translate Light Language
Learn to Channel Multi-Dimensional Lightwork 3rd-13th Density
Learn to Channel Intuitive Healing Concepts & Modalities
Learn how to apply Healing Modalities through the Multi-Dimensions
Decipher and Discern Appropriate Modalities in Relation to Ailments & Dimensions/Densities
Tap into Your Unique Light-line lineage
Discover your unique Quantum Healing skills and abilities
Includes all Mastery School Curriculum Live & Recorded (above)

1.5 Hour Channeled Quantum Planning Session week 1
11 x 1 Hour One on One Sessions
11 x Co-Facilitated sessions with guest clients (1-1.5 hours)
Total Personalised Sessions 24

Pre-Recorded Training Audio Aids & daily healing assistance
Unlimited Access to Chanelle via Email
Includes 12 Months Activation Membership to Quantum Healing Events
Includes Member Platform
VIP access Member of Secret Reconnected Life Facebook Support Group

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