Alcohol Ink Demos: Volumes 1 - 4

Note: Occasionally there are glitches in purchasing the bundle. If you have any trouble, please consider purchasing the courses separately as the pricing is the same - thanks so much!

Alcohol Ink Demo Volumes 1 - 4 presents a number of demonstration videos from the courses I've developed over the years. I've mixed them up so each of the 4 volumes contain videos from the Animals, Landscape, Beach, Pets, Butterflies, and Florals courses plus videos from my Ink Newsletter. Please scroll down for a complete list of videos for this volume.

A special note to current students: If you've previously signed up for my ink classes, you have probably seen these videos - they are still available to you on digitalchalk, so there is no need to purchase this course. Also, if you've signed up for a Feedback option, I would still love to see your art and work with you. Please feel free to email me at if you need any assistance accessing your course materials.

New friends: I hope you will enjoy my ink painting demonstrations. If you are completely new to alcohol inks, I recommend starting with the included Bonus Beginning Ink Course located at the bottom of lesson list. It is my complete Beginning class and will explain the lifting, masking and brush painting techniques used in the demonstrations. In late October 2016, I am offering ink coaching via telephone for $25 for a 25 minute session - if this sounds intriguing, please visit for more information.

My videos are fairly short - 4 to 7 minutes. The actual painting time takes from several hours to several days - far too long to be interesting on a video. While a number of the videos are preceded by an explanatory introduction segment, I usually don't talk during the videos. Anything pertinent is in a caption, so feel free to turn off the sound if you don't care for the music I've selected. To get a sense of my demo video style, please check out the Free Lessons in each course.