All Smilez - How to Draw and Paint Animal Faces

This bundle includes Animal Eyes Mini Course AND Animal Faces.
You can master the eyes first, then explore animal faces with Kim's tips and tricks for how to draw and add easy techniques for making your art pop.

2 courses for the price of one.

Use for your household.  Great for all ages.

Kim is passionate about building confidence in her students, and sharing what's she's learned over the past 25 years of teaching kids and beginners some great ways to get started and feel good about their art.

More details about each course:

Animal Eyes Mini Course

Become a pro at drawing animal eyes, so that you can be successful at drawing any animal face. The eyes are what we see first, so let's have fun and get them looking really amazing!

You will need pencil, pen, vivid, paper, water colour pencils and if you can get water colour pallettes, grab those too. There are 3 videos included: 1. Looking at real animal eyes 2. Drawing animal eyes 3. Creating an animal face.

Animal Faces - Full Course

Each class is a different animal face. Using pencil, pen, sharpie, watercolour pencils, and watercolour palettes, we will combine these materials to create beautiful art works, with minimal mess.

These lessons are for artists aged 6+ through to adults. Naturally each artist will work to their ability and desire to take what they like from each lesson. Try what I show you, and then put your own spin on my lessons if you like. You will feel so empowered to try any kind of animal face and work to your own ability!

Work through them week by week, or devour them all over a weekend. You can share these in your household, and with continued access, you can do these lessons again and again.

I love seeing your work, so please attach photos of your work under each lesson and talk to me there, OR if you are feeling shy just email them.


(And just so you know for sure, I do NOT expect yours to be just like mine. I love it to see you making little changes, adding in new ideas, putting on a different spin to my lessons. However if you love mine and want to make yours the same, then that is sweet as too!!)