Expressive collage is for everyone and no drawing or painting skills are necessary! Explore digital collage, paper collage, collage for emotional catharsis, and affirmative collage for cultivating joy. This bundle includes 200 days of art prompts, 3 video lessons and several PDF ebooks.

Immerse Yourself!
Expressive Collage!

1. Bloom Into Collage

Start Here! This video course will show you all you need to know about starting a daily collage practice.

A fun video course on the art of spontaneous collage! Start with a surprise collage challenge. Next, create an affirmative pattern collage and an intuitive poem. And, finally, learn how to create an intuitive collage for emotional release.

2. Discover Digital Collage

Dip in! Next explore digital collage or paper collage with daily prompts for 30 days. Each day offers a word to inspire your collage.

30 days of fun & surprising illustrated collage prompts invite you to tap into your intuition through digital collage.

3. Intuitive Collage for Emotional Insight

Collage and clear your overwhelming emotions to make way for a more affirmative way of seeing.

The hidden language of our deeper emotions can more easily reveal themselves through imagery and visual symbols before they shape into words. Gain insight into your emotions with a daily ten-minute intuitive collage.

4. Affirmative Collage

Explore the other side of your difficult emotions, and uplift yourself through collage.

Practice 30 days of affirmative collage, write visionary poetry and enjoy daily encouraging email prompts to amplify self-love and creative joy.

Immerse Yourself!
Expressive Collage!

5. Collage for Self-Discovery

Finish with a 90-day collage practice to deep delve into the many parts of yourself!

Meet the inner "parts" of yourself through collage! Intuitive collage invites all of the different aspects of yourself to self-express. This collage "catharsis" course is accessible to everyone, and it challenges you to create a spontaneous collage every day for 90 days in order to see, release and heal your painful emotions.

Immerse Yourself!
Expressive Collage!

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