Expressive Arts Foundations

Emotional Healing From the Inside-Out

A sequential journey through all of my foundational expressive arts courses will support you to begin your emotional healing process from the inside-out. This course program offers over 115 lessons for daily self-expression through story writing, poetry, image free-association, collage, expressive drawing and painting, and journaling for self-reflection with over 200 creative prompts for self-development and professional development.

Foundation courses are an experiential journey through your own emotional healing process through expressive art and writing. You can take each course one-by-one or buy the complete course bundle for a 50 dollar savings.

Daily Creative Practices

Daily Expressive Arts Practice:

If you want to use this package to deepen into a daily expressive arts practice, I recommend that you do the courses in the following order:

1. Dive Deep Webinar: (3 Days) Learn what expressive journals can look like. Decide what you want to emotionally heal. Dedicate a journal & art materials to your practice. Devote yourself to a 30-day expressive art or writing practice. 

2. 50 Expressive Art Journal Ideas: (30 Days) If you are wondering what art journal "theme" to dedicate to your emotional healing, I offer 50 great ideas for dedicated healing journals as well as ten examples of themes I have explored for emotional healing. Choose one theme to commit to for 30 days.

3. Narrative Therapy: (30 Days) Write your own life story - freshly and spontaneously. Daily narrative therapy prompts build emotional awareness of how you presently see your life and shows a way out of the way you see problems. Each prompt takes about 15 minutes per day to complete.

4. Expressive Poetry: (10 Days) This poetry course uses magazine imagery of your choice to spark emotional poems that help you to express deeper aspects of self that you may not have met yet. 

5. Intuitive Collage: (30 Days) The hidden language of your deeper emotions can more easily reveal themselves through imagery and visual symbols before they shape into words. Gain insight into your emotions with a daily ten-minute collage.

6. Symbolic Journeys: (45 Days) This 45-day course will support you to better understand the deeper signs and symbols that spontaneously arise in your expressive drawing, painting, writing and collage. 

7. Healing Difficult Emotions: (15 Days) Simple expressive art exercises such as painting, drawing and collage support you to begin exploring, and honestly examining emotional struggles such as worry, fear, frustration, fear, conflict, negativity, heartbreak and addiction.

If you follow all the prompts and suggestions in the order I recommend, you will complete 160 consecutive days of expressive arts practice. Each daily exercise takes on average about 15 minutes to complete. 

30% Savings
Expressive Arts Foundations

Building Emotional Awareness

Foundational art and writing courses focus on deepening emotional awareness through expressive art and writing. All expressive arts lessons fit into a busy life and take only 10-30 minutes to read and complete each day.

In the expressive arts foundations program you will: 

1. Be guided to write your life story.

2. Begin the process of writing image inspired poetry.

3. Create intuitive collage "oracles" for daily insight into your deeper emotions

4. Learn how to understand the symbolism of your expressive drawing, painting, collage, poetry and writing.

5. Begin expressing and releasing difficult emotions through expressive art and writing.

30% Savings
Expressive Arts Foundations

Course Delivery:

All courses in the bundle begin (at the same time) on Lesson 1 upon payment but you can take them at your leisure. Course instalments are delivered once per day until each course is finished. All course lessons are delivered daily with an email reminder whenever you forget to visit the classroom. PDF's of all course content is available at the end. 

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I recommend you take one course at a time in this order:

1. Dive Deep Art Journaling
2. 50 Expressive Journal Ideas
3. Narrative Therapy
4. Expressive Poetry Writing
5. Intuitive Collage for Emotional Insight
6. Symbolic Journeys
7. Healing Difficult Emotions with Art

Please Note:

PDFs for printing come at the end - so you do not need to copy and paste all your lessons for your records. Note: PDFs are not available until the end of each course.

30% Savings
Expressive Arts Foundations