Expressive Art as Self-Therapy

Advanced Expressive Arts Courses

“Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts.”      ~  Ken Page

Did you know that your deepest emotional wound becomes your greatest superpower - once healed? This prolific course bundle includes numerous written PDF lessons, plenty of visual examples, comprehensive psychological explanations of the emotional healing process, 8 art video demos and a PDF guidebook. Bundled for a $75 savings.

This sequential journey through all of my advanced expressive arts courses will support you to deepen into your emotional healing process in profoundly innovative ways. This personal processing course program offers over 250 lessons for emotional self-expression through inner child-healing, future-self healing, mindfulness practices, mandala making, spontaneous collage, and expressive drawing writing and painting.

Experiential Immersion in the Expressive Arts

These courses provide an in-depth experiential emotional healing journey through your own expressive/intuitive art and writing processes, and it offers numerous ideas for your art programs if you are a facilitator/practitioner. You can take each course one-by-one or purchase the complete course bundle for a $75 savings.

Daily Expressive Arts Practice:

If you want to use this package to progressively deepen into your emotional healing process, I recommend that you do the courses in the following order:

1. Photo Therapy: (3O Days) Photo Therapy is a simple way to start an expressive arts practice when you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Learn how to recognize your prevalent emotional themes in the imagery that you notice and photograph.

2. Creative Abundance Guidebook: (40 Days) Have you ever considered that your "future self" can profoundly help you to heal emotional pain? This guidebook offers advanced, yet easy to understand ideas about how your future self can help calm your nervous system, heal your mind, and inspire your emotions to heal faster. It takes 40 days to break a negative mental habit. Accelerate your emotional healing with this guidebook.

3. Bloom into Collage: (3 Days) This fun three-part video course offers demonstrations on how to get the most out of spontaneous collage and intuitive poetry. This course begins with an intimate sharing of my own expressive collages with explanations of how they have helped me to emotionally heal.

4. Intuitive Mandala Meditations: (5 Days) This five-part course demonstrates five different ways to create intuitive mandalas. Learn how to how to sense for symbols that match your inner experience. Practice playing, loosening, freeing, and opening up your self-expression. Experience deep rest in the intuitive mandala making process so that can have a greater perspective on your problems. Learn how to "give" worry silence.

5. Healing Grief with Art and Writing: (70 Days) 70 expressive art and writing prompts and 50 self-care ideas to help you heal through loss, grief, and difficult life transitions.

5. Inner Child Therapy Worksheets: (30 Days) Process your emotional pain in powerful, wisely structured ways through expressive art, meditation and journal writing techniques. These 30 in-depth worksheets are effective for healing the pervasive pain of the inner child and inner teen aspects of self.

6. 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy(100 Days) 100 days of art and writing directives to support you to move through deep pockets of emotional pain in a safely paced, wise and creative way. Art-making processes include intuitive drawing and painting, spontaneous collage, zen doodling for self-exploration, altered bookmaking, found poetry, wordplay, exploratory writing exercises and so much more. 

If you follow all the prompts and suggestions in the order I recommend, you will complete over 250 consecutive days of deep emotional processing.

* Please note that this course bundle is for self-development and professional development only. There are no CEU's for this course.

* Please visit the sample lessons in each class to see if this bundle feels right for you. This is an advanced course bundle designed for deep emotional processing. If you are just beginning to process your emotions please consider taking Expressive Arts Foundations instead.

Course Delivery

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All course lessons are delivered daily with an email reminder whenever you forget to visit the classroom. PDF's of all course content is available at the end. You can unsubscribe from the email reminders if you like.

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