Emotional Catharsis Bundle

Release Your Emotions Through Expressive Art and Writing

Would you like to feel emotionally lighter? Are you ready for a deep emotional release?  Find your authentic voice and release deep pockets of emotional repression through 90 days of stream-of-consciousness writing and spontaneous collage.

This course bundle offers an in-depth sharing of my own personally-lived process of healing emotional pain through imagery and writing. In the course, I offer an intimate look into my own emotional healing process as an example of deep, courageous inner looking. 

This e-course bundle are my letters of love and encouragement to you! As I share my human story and elucidate the wisdom I have gained through my expressive arts and writing practices, I encourage you daily to explore imagery and writing as a path to emotional release.

Enjoy 90 days of spontaneous collage inspiration and 90 days of guided journal prompts to help you to express, process and release your emotions though imagery and reflective journal writing for a savings of 40 dollars!

This course bundle is for you if:

- You are feeling emotionally accumulated, overwhelmed and tired.

- You feel dedicated to getting your difficult emotions out of your body into a visual form so that you can see and contemplate them. 

- You want to immerse yourself in the mystery of the creative process and invite new possibilities that are larger than your emotional pain.

Save $40
90 Days of Emotional Release

Course Delivery

All courses in the bundle begin (at the same time) on Lesson 1 upon payment but you can take them at your leisure. Course instalments are delivered once per day until each course is finished. All course lessons are delivered daily with an email reminder for each lesson. PDF downloads are available for each lesson.

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Save $40
90 Days of Emotional Release