The Dating Drama Empowerment Method

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The Dating Drama Empowerment Method

This course helps you to overcome dating drama by understanding what you experienced as a child and how you're replicating this in romantic relationships.

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This course will help you:

❤️ Overcome your dating drama and break the cycle of heartbreak, disappointment and frustration in love 

❤️ Learn a powerful process for moving through painful patterns in love, and coming out the other side with a deeper understanding of who you are and what you need

❤️ End the pain of obsessing about partners who are not choosing you, who are not single, or who live on the other side of the world

The course will also help you:

💚 Better understand your childhood wounds and how your family home created a dynamic where love became difficult

💚 Build a closer relationship with your inner child and your emotions

💚 Increase your knowledge of what feels difficult in relationships, and why

This course is for you if:

✨ You know you're worthy of more in love and relationships - you just don't know how to break the cycle of choosing the wrong partners

✨ You are ready to overcome your dating drama and do the inner work needed to heal your childhood wounds.
(this process is powerful. It's also not a magic pill. It requires you to do the emotional excavation work, which I guide you through)

✨ You've followed me on IG or YouTube, or listened to me on a podcast and received a breakthrough. You want more.

✨ You are ready to go deeper and learn the practical and emotional tools to heal your painful patterns in love.

This course includes:

✔︎ The 3-step Dating Drama Empowerment Method, my foundational process for overcoming dating drama

✔︎ 12 pre-recorded videos - almost 3 hours of video content - and 95 customized, powerful journaling prompts

✔︎ Practical, real-life examples to help you understand your own patterns and how to heal the core wounds that caused them

✔︎ A second course, The 6 Dating Drama Archetypes, to support your healing and help you dive even deeper into the origin of each pattern (the journaling prompts in this one are GOLD)

✔︎ A third training, a powerful inner child healing meditation, to soothe your inner child and forgive your parents

Overcome your dating drama

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The Dating Drama
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How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one go or take things slow. It's up to you.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

Send me an email at Or, slide into my DMs on Instagram (@cheryljmuir). I'm available to answer your questions about the course and how it supports you.

What's your refund policy?

I'm confident in the course material and this process, and for this reason I don't issue refunds.

To see if you resonate with me first, you can absorb my work on IG and YouTube:

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You can also search 'Cheryl Muir' in Spotify or Apple Podcasts and listen to the free wisdom I share in podcast interviews.

About Cheryl

Cheryl Muir is a leading expert in relationship patterns and specialises in helping creative women overcome their dating drama fast. Cheryl is the creator of The Dating Drama Empowerment Method and The 6 Dating Drama Archetypes. Through a combination of these models and her powerful transformational coaching, Cheryl frees women from a lifetime of painful patterns in love and relationships.

Cheryl is based in the UK. She has been featured in The Daily Mail, Metro News, Bustle and Woman’s Own magazine, as well as top-rated podcasts including The Confused Millennial, Addicted2Success, and The Ashley Hann Show.

To learn more about Cheryl’s work, visit or follow Cheryl on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

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