The Dating Drama Empowerment Method


DDEM teaches you tools to help you:

❤️ Overcome your dating drama and break the cycle of heartbreak, disappointment and frustration in love

❤️ Learn a powerful process to break the cycle of attracting morons, and coming out the other side with a deeper understanding of who you are and what you need

❤️ Change your point of attraction so you're genuinely hot for emotionally healthy people who want to love, cherish and adore you... and end the pain of falling for bad boys/girls, people who don't want you, or have a girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/husband (aka unavailable partners)

❤️ Let go of the phantom ex who lives on the other side of the world, or who made it clear they couldn't be who you needed them to be. Let. Them. Go.

❤️ Lay the foundation for lasting love, by doing the "emotional excavation" work (plain English: healing from your past)

The course will also help you:

💚 Understand what was modelled to you in your childhood and how this created your current patterns of being afraid of love + not having your needs met. (sounds Freudian AF... but it's about the subconscious mind. We can reprogram our minds for healthy love.)

💚 Learn how to help yourself feel better and not fall apart when he/she ghosts or abandons you, by building a closer relationship with your inner child and your emotions.

💚 Increase your self-awareness of where you get stuck in love, and why, and how to take your power back so that nobody has the ability to make you feel like shit ever again

Learn the tools to empower yourself
So nobody can make you feel like shit again:
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This course is for you if:

✨ You dream of a lasting love, creating memories and being romanced - and you're ready to do the inner work to make it a reality

✨ You know you're worthy of more in love and relationships - you just don't know how to break the cycle of attracting morons

✨ You know things happened in your past. You want to move forward, be happy, free and in love.

(My take: You grew up seeing your Mum & Dad yelling at each other. Now you avoid love or have shitty relationships because you have a belief that love=pain. By changing your beliefs to one where love is safe, you can change the type of relationships you tolerate)

✨ You are ready to learn the practical and emotional tools to heal your experience of heartbreak, abandonment and disappointment in love. You want to lay a solid foundation upon which you can build a beautiful, loving, lasting partnership. (this course teaches you the foundations)

⚠️ This process is powerful. It's also not a magic pill. It requires you to do the emotional excavation work, which I guide you through. I am not a genie. I am a guide. You must be willing to work through your stuff in your own time. ⚠️

It's time to break free ➡️

When you enrol, you receive:

✔︎ The 3-step Dating Drama Empowerment Method, the foundational process for overcoming dating drama

✔︎ 12 pre-recorded videos - 3 hours of video content - and 100+ customized, powerful journaling prompts

✔︎ Practical, real-life examples to help you understand your own patterns and how to heal the core wounds that caused them

✔︎ A second course, The 6 Dating Drama Archetypes, to support your healing and help you dive even deeper into the origin of each pattern (the journaling prompts in this one are GOLD)

✨ BONUS #1: Video & Audio Trainings to help you learn Emotional Regulation & Boundary Setting Skills ✨

1️⃣ The Method: Remastered

✔︎ An updated, 8-step process for going deeper with the method, rewiring your beliefs, and creating a mindset for rewarding, reciprocal relationships

2️⃣ Inner Child Healing Meditation

✔︎ A powerful guided healing to soothe your inner child and forgive your parents, to create a path towards beautiful relationships with yourself and others

3️⃣ How To Release Trauma From The Physical Body

✔︎ A downloadable audio training to help you uncover the ways you can release trauma held in your physical body. The training offers journaling prompts for both beginners and the more advanced, and helps you to create a daily routine of calming your nervous system.

4️⃣ How To Self Soothe: The 3-Step Process for Emotional Regulation

✔︎ A video training teaching you the process to feel better when triggered in the dating process, in your close relationships, or any area of your life (PS: helps you navigate the chaos in our world)

5️⃣ Meditation: Visualize Your Future Love
✔︎ A powerful visualization process where you "meet" your next partner. This helps you to get clear on the type of relationship you desire, and helps bring the timeline closer to you (it can happen sooner than you imagine).

6️⃣ Why Is This Turning Me On?
✔︎ Get radically honest about the partner you really want to be with, by embracing your dark side and your sexuality.

7️⃣ The Blissful Boundary Method

✔︎ A downloadable 45-minute audio training leading you through a powerful process for expressing your needs to those closest to you, to help boundaries to be upheld in a way that creates even more intimacy

8️⃣ Clearing Relationship Karma

✔︎ A 10-minute downloadable audio training on how to know if you have relationship karma, and how to explore which past life it comes from

9️⃣ The Pattern of Non-Action

✔︎ A downloadable 20-minute audio training exploring the pattern of doing the things we know help us heal, like working out, meditating, eating well, or taking action on our dreams. The training offers reasons why we fall off the wagon, and how to create sustainable lasting change.

Quick facts:

✅ All audio trainings are downloadable, enabling you to listen to them in the car, out walking or on the move

✅ All video and audio trainings give journaling prompts to help you coach yourself and find the answers to why you've been stuck + what to do next to create the change you want to see.

Value: £250

✨ BONUS #2: Private Monthly Group Coaching Session Replays on Key Relationship Areas (gets you unstuck, FAST) ✨

Replay 1: Relationship Goals & Intentions
Get clear on the type of partner you desire, the qualities they have, and the woman you need to be to have a partner of this calibre.

Replay 2: Trusting Yourself & Your Intuition 
Trust is key in love and relationships. First, we need to trust ourselves. This training helps you understand which areas of your life have a strong level of trust, e.g. career, and which areas need some TLC, e.g. your heart and your relationships.

Replay 3: Breaking The Cycle
Is there an area of your life where you're going round in circles? Where you feel stuck and blocked and unable to break free? Breaking this cycle will build your self-trust and confidence, which of course spills over into your relationships with others. This training teaches you how.

Replay 4: The Mother Wound
Heal your relationships with women, which stem from the relationship you had with your mother. This replay includes specific journaling prompts to overcome the emotional scars from a highly critical mother. Healing this helps us soften into our heart, our emotions and our feminine energy, which is key to building a relationship with a masculine man (if that's what you desire).

Value: £200

✨ BONUS #4: The ability to ask me questions! ✨

If you get stuck, you can ask me short questions in the comments section underneath the video modules. I'll get back to you with my insights, recommended next steps & powerful questions to help you move forward.

Please note, the comments section is visible to the other souls enrolled in the course.

I reply within 48 hours, and I'll continue to do this throughout 2021 and beyond... as long as I can ❤️

Value: Priceless!

This course is for:

  • Women who date men
  • Women who date women
  • Women who date women and men 💙💜

The work is the same, no matter who you love.

(Gentlemen - I love you. And you're better off with a coach specializing in masculinity and men in dating. It's not my zone of genius ❤️)

The course, the bonuses, the replays - Value: £800+

Find freedom from the heartache of dating drama ➡️

Our payment plan options:

If a payment plan works best for you, I'm happy to offer 3 x monthly payments of £95.

To enrol via the payment plan option:

1️⃣ Checkout via PayPal here
2️⃣ Email for your access link to the course
(please allow up to 24 hours for this, as we do this manually)

PayPal will automatically bill you the following month - this isn't billed through us. So please do take a note of your payment dates for months two and three ❤️

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one go or take things slow. It's up to you. Trust yourself and your process.

Is this like therapy?

No, this is based in the principles of coaching - asking powerful questions to help you move forward. In this course, we reference the past, but only to join the dots and understand where your patterns came from. This is not the place to heal active traumas or gaping open emotional wounds. I recommend taking this course only after being in therapy. This is not a replacement for therapy/counselling.

I have a question before I enrol, how can I contact you?

Send me an email at Or, slide into my DMs on Instagram (@cheryljmuir). I'm available to answer your questions about the course.

What's your refund policy?

We're confident in the course material and this process, and for this reason we don't issue refunds.

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About Cheryl

It's time to overcome painful patterns in love:

About Cheryl:

Cheryl Muir is a Relationship Expert, author and speaker. Cheryl helps women in film, television, media and fandom find love and have healthier, happier relationships.

Through private coaching, in-person groups and media appearances, Cheryl helps women overcome their fear of closeness and develop deeply intimate relationships in every area of their lives, helping them move from chaos and drama and confusion to peace, partnership and lasting love.

Cheryl’s clients typically find love within six to twelve months of working with her privately. Cheryl attributes this to her ability to locate the source of her clients’ relationship troubles, coupled with her coaching style which is compassionate-yet-direct.

Cheryl believes in the healing power of the arts, and is the host of YouTube series around this theme, including Reel Relationships and Relationship Expert Reacts.

Cheryl is a regular guest expert on BBC Radio One’s Life Hacks, and has been featured in Shape Magazine, VICE, Metro and more. She is British-Canadian, and currently based in England’s Lake District region, where she indulges in her penchant for swimming in very cold water.

Finally, she is the creator of #SchoolOfCheryl, an online personal development school with self-study courses to learn vital relationship skills.

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