Musically Montessori eCourses Mega-Bundle

Are you looking for a year's worth of music activities that create an interesting and sequential Montessori music curriculum?

You can purchase four of my Musically Montessori instructional eCourses and have all the Lesson plans and Printables to create your year long music curriculum AND save $70!

1. "First 12 Weeks" ($175regular price)

2. "Nutcracker Ballet for Little Kids: Mini-eCourse" ($50. regular price) 

3. "Instruments of the Orchestra" ($125. regular price)

4. "Let's All Sing: 15-Favorite Songs & Activities" ($45. regular price)

Regular value when each eCourse is purchased separately: $395. 

BUNDLE price that includes all 4 eCourses: $325.

Your can save: $70

More than 45 Music Lesson ideas sequenced to fit your entire school year! 

You and the children will "make music" together. That is the secret for children to gain the cognitive benefits of early music experiences that beautifully prepare the children for acquiring skills in all the areas of development. 

Start your school year with the basic concepts of music presented to the children in a sequence that builds skills through really fun, hands-on and developmentally appropriate activities.

* 1. Beginning with the First Months *

"First Twelve Weeks" gives  you the foundation for planning and preparing your Music Circles for the entire school year. This course helps you set up your sequential music curriculum and establish the basic structure of each music lesson. You will also examine the goals you want to set for the children's learning as well as your own group management strategies. 

The children will experience the musical concepts of:

1) Steady Beat, 

2) High & Low Pitch, 

3) Fast ("presto") and Slow ("largo), 

4) Loud ("forte") and Quiet ("piano") 

~and, 5) they will also learn about Famous Composers as well!

In the Northern Hemisphere where I live, we generally begin our new school year in the Autumn (late August or early September)

Whatever time or season your school year begins, you can start things off with a well-prepared and engaging music curriculum to add to your other academic studies.

* 2. Next, Celebrating the Winter Season * 

By the month of November, the Winter season is approaching and the time for winter celebrations is upon us.  A really beautiful exploration of Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker Suite" has always been very popular with my groups, especially when the children may likely be planning to attend a live performance of this beloved ballet.   

"Nutcracker Ballet for Little Children"  is a 4-week-long mini-eCourse that brings this magical music and dance to young children in a hands-on and developmentally appropriate way.

*  3. Then, the Winter Months *

By January, the children have developed lots of important skills in listening, large & fine motor development, as well as recognizing some of the basic concepts of music.  All their activities with music have helped bring the children to a state of "normalization" and they are becoming a sweet little "community of learners."  

By the winter months, the children are ready for exploring the various Instrument Families of the Orchestra.  

"Instruments of the Orchestra" is a set of 12 Lessons featuring each of the families of the Orchestra:

1) Brass Family

2) String Family

3) Woodwind Family

4) Percussion Family

~ and, 5) the children will learn more about famous composers, too.

The  Lessons in this eCourse can also be extended for weeks longer than just twelve, and they can be revisited, too! As well, these Lessons reinforce the basic concepts introduced in "First 12 Weeks."

* 4. And Then, the Spring & Summer Months *

By April or May, your Montessori music curriculum will be developed and your group will be thriving musically! 

With weekly Music Circles, my children have made visible strides in not only their musical development, but in other areas of learning, too. Early music experiences give young children practice with vocabulary development, memory development, recognizing patterns, cooperative problem solving, cultural awareness, and creating a community. 

My newest eCourse,  "Let's All Sing: 15 Favorite Songs & Activities" is comprised of 15 Lessons that each feature a beloved childhood song that can be extended into a full week of activities, easily! 

You'll not only hear a recording of the song, the way I usually present it, but you'll have an outline of several activities that go along with the song. These activities give children active and hands-on experience with the basic underlying music concepts of the song. 

One really nice thing about these songs, is that any one of the individual Lessons in the eCourse can quickly be prepared to go along with your current curriculum theme whenever you like. You do not have to go through the songs sequentially and you can even plug them (one-by-one) into your year-long music curriculum to enhance the "themes" of study for your children.  

Create a Year-Long Montessori Music Curriculum

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Save $70.