Embodiment and Empowerment Series

In this 3 Course Series, you will learn the tools and resources necessary to move through the world as the woman you want to be!

Understand where you experience things in your body, what it feels like to stand in your true center, and then how to move through the world embodying this new awareness.

We are in the midst of a time that is leaving many of us asking, "What Can I Do?". Fortunately for us, who we are is just as important (if not more important) as what we do.

Sandra Ingerman put it perfectly when she said, "The idea that we can create change by just “being” in the beauty of our spiritual light is something that’s hard for our culture to understand. We are taught to be very outward-focused, and to trust results we can measure through our normal five senses."

It's time to step into the work of Being our true selves. What does that mean? How does it feel to be your true self? That is exactly what you will explore and learn in this three part series.

I hope you will join me on this powerful journey. You deserve it!