Musically Montessori BUNDLE "Prepare-for-Autumn"

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL is just around the corner here in the Northern Hemisphere! 

Why not take a little time now to prepare some really fun (and really educational) music activities for the first weeks of school that engage your groups right away? 

Then, you'll have your little ones  hooked on "music fun-while-learning" right from the very start! 

And, with my Musically Montessori end-of-summer special offer, the learning fun can continue through the Autumn and on into the Winter months, too! 

Give yourself some fun preparing for Back-to-School

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  • I just finished your course and wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed learning from you. Since we have never met in person, this may sound funny, but I will miss our time together! Thank you for offering this course online and I hope to take another course from you soon.

    Wishing you all the best,

    — Debra J. (Career Montessori educator and eCourse student)
  • "Miss Carolyn makes music fun for children aged 3 to 99. She always has a pleasant smile and a calming voice. Her patience is palpable in a class of 36 children. She is always kind and finds ways to manage a hard to handle situation. Miss Carolyn's music curriculum seamlessly blends in any program - Montessori or not. After all, music is universal."

    — Donna May (S.F. Bay Area Montessori educator, administrator, and eCourse student)

Special Back-to-School sale: Musically Montessori Bundle "First 12 Weeks" PLUS "Nutcracker Ballet Suite for Little Kids"

Start your groups off with a solid music curriculum based on my 12 sequential Lessons in Musically Montessori "First Twelve Weeks". Give them the basics of music with hands-on Montessori-style Activities that I have enjoyed with my groups for three decades!

Learn more about my first eCourse, Musically Montessori "First Twelve Weeks"


Then, by the end of Autumn, your groups will leap into a festive 4 weeks of a truly lovely Winter Music Unit featuring Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Ballet Suite." This delightful music has charmed my little ones so much that they continue to ask for these activities throughout the Springtime as well!

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You can have fun learning during the last weeks of summer, while you prepare yourself for the fun learning you will offer your groups when Autumn arrives! 

Receive a Certificate of Attendance valued at 15 clock hours of study!

Many of my eCourse students have easily completed the questionnaires at the end of each Lesson so that they can be issued a Certificate of Attendance  for their study.

It's a great way to gain new skills and group management strategies while sipping your summer iced lemonade on your front porch... All the while preparing for Back-to-School! 

Are these training courses only for Montessori Preschool teachers?

No. I designed these courses using the Montessori method for teaching the principles of music to young children, however, you do not need to be a Montessori teacher to implement the Lessons. Each teaching strategy is throughly demonstrated and the Montessori rationale behind it is explained as well. I've used these activities with children in traditional preschool settings (not Montessori). Likewise, I have used these Lessons with children in early Elementary settings with children all the way to age 8.

How long will I have access to the Lessons?

You will be able to access both courses for an entire year after you enroll.

How does enrollment in this Bundle work?

When you enroll in your bundle, you will automatically be enrolled in each course contained in the bundle. You will get an email confirming that you have enrolled in the courses and each course will be listed on your Coursecraft dashboard individually. Your name and information will be added to my stats page of each course, so that you can make comments and contact me through the course at any time.

Do I need to have a music background or training to benefit from these courses?

No, these courses are for any educator who works with young children and has a desire to develop a sequential Music Education Curriculum in their program. No prior music training required.

Will I learn about how to use the Montessori Brass Bells?

No. These courses are set up to be implemented at group "Music Circle Time". In each Lesson, the children will be doing Movement Activities, Rhythm Pattern games, Focused Listening Exercises, and Hands-on Exploration of Instruments, all the while learning a key concept of music. You will also have downloads for setting up your Montessori Lesson Plan Binder, Individualized Shelf works for the children, and Mp3 Music to go along with each Lesson.

What if I am not happy with the courses?

My goal is to give you the best on-line training I possibly can. However, if you find that these courses are not for you, you can withdraw within 48 hours and receive a full refund of your payment.