Amazing things will happen in your business with the right tools. The most amazing of them all? You make money! Isn't that what we all want. At the end of the day, we work hard and deserve to see the fruits of our hard work show up in our revenues. Passion and purpose is great; making money while living your passion and purpose is even greater.

It takes courage, confidence, the right mindset and the right tools to see the kinds of profit you want in your business. It doesn't happen by chance. It requires a strategy that starts from the moment you make that initial contact with a prospective client.

The Pricing For Profitability Course and The Preparing And Presenting Your Fee Proposal Course are incredibly valuable as stand alone courses, but when they come together, you have everything you need to present your design fees confidently and price your products fearlessly! These courses have been purchased and used by hundreds of designers like you, who were ready to make money in their business. They have both gotten rave reviews, and for good reason. You will be motivated and inspired to act now!

The Pricing For Profitability Course starts with addressing your mindset, understanding what is involved with selling products to your clients, why it is important to price your products for maximum profitability, tools and resources to calculate your profit margins, and even the exact formula I use in my business. At the end of the course, you will think differently about your business financial goals. You will be empowered to think like a business person who understands that it is ok to calculate proper profit margins to meet your business and personal financial goals. You will understand the difference between markup and margins, and why the way you present it to clients makes all the difference in the world.

The Preparing and Presenting Your Fee Proposal Course is a comprehensive lesson on the important components that must be included in your Fee Proposals to ensure that your clients have a clear understanding of the scope of work, the fees that you will charge, the payment schedule, the terms and conditions and what happens if there is scope creep. The video lessons go beyond just the fee proposal and includes everything from having the right mindset from the very beginning, to handling rejections

I am so excited to get these courses into your hands as the Money Maker Bundle for $50 off the price for both courses. 

With the last quarter upon us very soon, the Money Maker Bundle will help you close out this year strong, and prepare you for a profitable next year.

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