Musically Montessori BUNDLE "Winter Season Bundle"

My children are still asking for these lessons, and it's summer time!

I've created a gift for you during the winter season. You can purchase two of my Musically Montessori eCourses at an amazing price!

"Instruments of the Orchestra" is a delight for children and teachers. Not only are the Classical Music Selections engaging for the children, the adorable one-minute long Movement Activities invite the children to move!

Each week's Lesson features a new composer with a famous piece of music that features the orchestra instrument for that week. 

These Lessons have so many lovely extensions, they can easily be stretched out over your entire school year! I find that the Winter months are a perfect time for children to explore these lessons. There are so many amazing orchestral performances (especially geared for children) that appear during this season that it is more than likely your group has heard some of the music live. What better "follow-up" after a child has enjoyed a live concert than to enjoy lots of fun hands-on activities emphasizing the various Instrument Families of the Orchestra they have already heard in person.  

CHECK IT OUT HERE: Musically Montessori; Instruments of the Orchestra

"Nutcracker Suite for Little Kids" is my four lesson mini-eCourse that is chock full of Activities including Printables and a complete set of mp3 music downloads to go along with all the lessons.

Over the years, I have stretched this group of lessons out through the month of January because the children love it so much! And, after Christmas is over, many of the children have actually been to a live performance of Tchaikovsky's  Nutcracker Ballet Suite and so they have a concrete experience to further increase their cognitive learning as well as music skills. 

I have also offered this little set of lessons during our Montessori Cultural studies of Europe featuring the music of that continent. This can be offered really... any time of year.

CHECK IT OUT HERE: Musically Montessori: Nutcracker Suite for Little Kids 

Both of these on-line courses will be available you for at least a year after you enroll.


Happy Winter from me to you!