Big Bundle

You want your online business to be a success, to bring in more than enough to pay the bills every month and enough to live the kind of lifestyle you've been dreaming of.

Yeah you love to travel but you don't want to travel endlessly. You want to have a home, you want to go out to events and have date night and treat yourself every time you go shopping.

That's your idea of a freedom lifestyle, freedom from the stresses of money not freedom from being tied down to one place.

That's what I wanted too and now 4 years after deciding to go for it with my online business, I haven't had a 9-5 or a "real job" since.

You want:

  • More time with your family,
  • To make money and discovery calls on autopilot,
  • To grow your audience on social media,
  • To grow your Facebook Group and email list,
  • Sales to be easy and for them to stop stressing you out#

After all, a bigger audience of the right people means more (and easier) sales, which means more for you to invest in your business and yourself.

In a nutshell, with The Big Bundle you're going to learn how to use social media to grow your audience and make sales without needing to pay for adverts or spend the best part of every day chained to your computer.

The Big Bundle includes 5 self study courses:

Social Media Masterclass

You'll get instant access to all 6 modules covering:

  • Creating Content
  • Creating drool worth graphics
  • Facebook Groups & Pages
  • Instagram
  • Twitter & Periscope & FB Live
  • Pinterest
Each module has a video and transcript that you'll be able to access straight away.

Package Creation & Launching Workshop

In the workshop you'll learn how to:

  • Quickly create packages your ideal client NEEDS to buy
  • Create buzz around what you've created it before you launch,
  • Stop wasting time creating things that don't sell,
  • Sell before you've even created everything

Sales Audio Bundle

Usually only available on the Boss Babes Making Bank Membership site, this 5 audio bundle covers:

  • Reverse Engineering your Sales Goals,
  • Where to Sell,
  • How to Book Discovery Calls,
  • Overcoming Objections on Sales Calls,
  • Using Low Priced Offers to Generate Interest & Cash

Next 100 Workshop

This workshop is designed to get you your next, or first, 100 people in both your group and on your list in just 7 days.

It includes:

  • Strategies to grow your group quickly,
  • Growing your email list with freebies,
  • Promoting your group, 
  • Actively and passively promoting your freebie
  • Selling or getting calls booked passively from your emails

Passive Income Workshop

The passive income workshop will show you:

  • Exactly how you can use what you've already got and turn it into passive income, 
  • The tech side of setting up passive income streams (without having to spend a tonne of money on something you can't work out how to use)
  • How to actively & passively promote your passive income streams to generate cash on demand, 
  • How to create passive income products automatically in your business going forward.

Each course is a stand alone course so they can be completed in any order. They do cross over at certain points so you'll get the most out of the bundle by completing all 5 courses.

You also get all 5 courses for over 55% off buying them individually.

Don't miss out - Get the Big Bundle now

This bundle is for overwhelmed female entrepreneurs who are awesome at what they do but are struggling to make their business work online. They can use tech but They're not an IT Guru. They know their business can be successful once they get rid of the stress and grow their audience.

This isn't for women who can't work under their own initiative or who "don't have time" for the things that will drive their business forward.

The investment for this bundle is $75 which is over 55% off the value of each course when purchased separately.

Plus you get free access to all future updates of all 5 courses and 24/7 access.