Select your Collage Design Path,

Bundle the courses 1-4

I've set this up for a personal study through college working with design and composition. I believe we can always keep learning about design for our abstract collage works.  

Students will work with magazines, scissors, glue sticks, pencil or pen, some sandpaper and bit of acrylics.  Keeping it simple and in a sketchbook. 

The courses are broken down for easy comprehension and growth. It's set for all levels, building upon each other. 

Suggestion is to start with Volume 1 and work through them all. 

V-1 Basic Design-starting from primary colors to working through the elements and principles of design. 

V-2 Viewing New Composition-is looking at a reference with a viewfinder that you will make yourselves and pushing the design to new compositions. 

V-3 Strengthening your Design- will take you through all the different compositions in Design. 

V-4 Collage with a Iron- Student will still work with magazine that they alter and the use of the tack iron method of collage will be introduced. 

These course in the bundle are great for all ages, and be done with the whole family or in a class setting. 

It's a Deal and a Steal as this kind of creating art from an artistic design sense isn't taught regular so you can then be able to evaluate you work when you feel something just isn't right. Going back over all that you've learned you should be able to see what needs fixing and create some compelling piece of art. 

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