CBT for Tinnitus Bundle

  • Bundle cost is £175 
  • TWO 1-1 appointments with Debbie Featherstone using Zoom
  • Email support

The 2 courses (6 modules and 12 modules) are made available in this bundle for anyone, but mainly for those who may be uncertain if they need the 12 module, more gentle paced course that has additional and more in-depth CBT tools over the last 6 modules that are used for those with severe tinnitus distress. 

  • The 12 module course includes a course in Autogenic Relaxation (from Module 6 onward) - a powerful effective method of relaxation/meditation you'll be primed for after using the relaxation and breath work in the earlier modules

If your TFI (Tinnitus Functional Index) indicates a moderate problem (32-53%) most people do well using the shorter course. However, should you find the short course too fast paced, or perhaps later around modules 4 to 5 that you need to work in more depth over time using the CBT tools, you can swap across to the 12 module course and continue. 

CBT for Tinnitus