All Smilez Art Club - 6 Months of Weekly Art Lessons - Drawing and Painting for Kids and Beginners PLUS BONUSES

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Watch this video of your teacher Kim, and some of her students' in action:

This is a package deal

which gives you a 6 month taste of our Art Club membership program, as well as instant access into the whole Drawing Challenge (4 awesome lessons) that we ran in March/ April 2021 AND the July 2021 Drawing Challenge #2 !!!  PLUS every time I create a new challenge you will get it for free.  I'll simply attach it to this package!

The Art Club lessons are delivered once per week, but the Drawing Challenge is full access straight away, unless they are in progress, but don't worry, you won't lose them.

View other students' posts and post your own art to get feedback straight from your teacher, Kim. Also includes a Facebook group.

-Great drawing skills for all ages
-How to plan and create tidy art
-Using a sketchbook, pens, watercolours
(watercolour pencils and/ or palettes)

The Art Club membership is designed to take you on a skill building and confidence building journey to last a LIFETIME!!!

You will keep access to these courses and be able to share them in your household. You can watch as many times as you like, and you can communicate with your teacher under each lesson.

What kind of art supplies do we need:

A sketchbook, ordinary pencil, ordinary black pen, black permanent market (vivid, sharpie or imitation brand) and water colour palettes or water colour pencils or both

How will you provide feedback on our art, Kim?

I look forward to seeing you post a photo of your art in the comments section right under each video lesson. Also, please join our facebook group where you can share and like other's work too.

Is this just for kids?

Noooo. It's for all ages. Kids will enjoy it and find it works for the ability that they are at, and adults will find that it's a gentle and fun way to get a confidence boost and enjoy the mindfulness that drawing brings. Very relaxing and fun. A great stress reliever.

Another quick recap :






Month 5 - MANDALAS


Here's what Monique Woods had to say after her 7 year old participated in my Rock Your Sketchbook course:

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When you sign up, you will also get a free download art lesson on cat drawing PLUS access to free video art lessons!

Thank you so much for finding me.  I intend to help you form habits for creating for life!

Kim Garside

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Everyone's an Artist!

Another great testimonial:

This mother has 4 kids, and lives just around the corner.  She finds my online lessons super suitable to do as family activities, inspire the one who she thought gave up on drawing, save $, save time, show the youngest the enthusiasm for drawing, and create and keep awesome drawing and painting habits!! 

Woop woop! Winning!!

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